Funds Requests

Educational Resources and Enhancements represent the largest allocation of the Hillside PTO's 2023-2024 Budget.

The 2023-2024 PTO Budget maintains a "Discretionary Funds Request" line item. Funds Requests allow our excellent Staff to submit proposals for impactful and supplemental resources, activities, or programs that enhance the quality of education and extend learning for students and staff.  

Programs and educational materials that contribute to a richer academic environment take precedent. The PTO desires to fund activities and materials that impact either a large group of students or staff, and/or impact a group that has a particular need that is not or cannot be adequately met through resources provided by LCPS.

Funds Requests are due by 9/30 to ensure that funds raised this year are allocated to resources utilized this year. The Funds Requests workflow also ensures that the PTO does not exceed its yearly startup budget. By allocating approximately 50% of expected Educational Resources expenses to "Discretionary Funds Requests" to be distributed after the first Annual Fundraiser, the PTO is able to determine how much can be funded, contingent upon how much was raised. 

Here are some of the 2023-2024 Educational Resources and Enhancements we've funded thus far:

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Educational Resources We've Funded This Year (2023-2024):

  • Classroom Stipends ($6,000 total = $200 per every grade-level classroom)
  • Meet the Author visits and assemblies
  • Dr. Recess Program: an on-site assembly and games program that promotes the importance of being active and living a healthy life by using developmentally appropriate games to teach social/emotional skills, thinking skills, and motor skills to elementary school children and staff.
  • Scholastic Magazines to requested grade levels
  • January 2024 World Culture Fair
  • May 2024 STEAM Showcase
  • Hawk Cafe: New cart and consumables for the year (the Hawk Cafe program gives SPED students the opportunity to increase their communication and money skills in a project based learning environment. The proceeds are donated to a charity of the students' choice).
  • Sponsoring Odyssey of the Mind

2023-2024 Funds Requests

3D Printer - Deborah Haynie (Technology)

Purpose: I am looking to purchase a 3D printer for our school. The current one we have is a smaller, cheaper model that encounters a number of issues which hinders the ability to do a true rollout of 3D modeling and printing.

My goal for Hillside is to use the printer with meaningful purpose connected to CS standards and content.

Examples of this might be:

  • Designing models of the ocean floor.
  • 3D-print braille shelf markers for the Library.
  • Print a set of teeth to help teach.
  • Design/Print artifacts for students to see 3D examples when learning about other cultures.
  • Design/Print atom or cell models.
  • Fossil replication.
  • PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) items for student connection.
  • Print school-specific manipulatives for the younger grades to use.
  • Create the phases of the moon.
  • and so much more!

3D Herndon has a partnership with LCPS to provide 3D printers at a discount and also provide help maintaining and training staff for its use. The model I am requested is used by a number of LCPS schools and has been found to be an extremely reliable 3D Printer.

Model: UM2+C 3D Printer, Ultimaker 2+ Connected 3D Printer includes: A USB stick and USB cables, Swappable 0.4 nozzle, A 0.75kg spool of Ultimaker PLA, Cura print preparation software, Ultimaker Essentials/Personal software, Comprehensive 12 month warranty, Lifetime expert support.

Thank you for your consideration of this purchase.

Requested Amount: $2612.50

9 Square in the Air - Hope Booth (PE)

Purpose: 9 Square in the Air is an interactive game that all students can enjoy. It focuses on hand-eye coordination and striking skills.

Requested Amount: $963.64

American Speech-Language hearing Association Certification - Kasey Huynh (Speech)

Purpose: In order to continue to be a nationally certified SLP. It would allow me to continue to hold a certificate of clinical competence. This provides professional credibility and holds me to a high standard of clinical excellence, which translates to better services for Hillside,

Requested Amount: $225.00

Ancients Day - The 3rd Grade Team

Purpose: The 3rd Grade Team requests supplies for each classroom (5) to study a different country. There are 5 countries.

As part of the 3rd Grade Social Sciences standards, students will be learning about five different ancient civilizations--ancient China, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, ancient Rome, and ancient Mali. The focus of our studies are the geography of each civilization, the contributions of each civilization, and how people in ancient world cultures adapted to their environment.

As part of our end of unit studies, the 3rd Grade Team is planning a grade level “Ancients Day” event “Ancients Day” will occur throughout most of the day (outside of lunch and recess). As part of “Ancients Day,” each classroom will be transformed into one of the five ancient civilizations studied. Each classroom will then sponsor a variety of learning stations related to their civilization.

Learning stations may include coding activities, STEAM/child engineering activities, and/or interactive tasks. Individual classes will then “travel” from civilization to civilization as they apply learned Social Science skills and concepts. To provide further
enrichment to students as part of this event, the Third Grade Team will collaborate with Music, P.E.and Computer Science/Technology.

Requested Amount: $500.00

Red Carpet Day - The 3rd Grade Team

Purpose: The 3rd Grade Team requests funding for a grade-level nonfiction writing celebration.

As part of the 3rd Grade Informational Writing Unit in Quarter 2, students will be writing and publishing their own nonfiction book.

In addition, the Third Grade Team will be collaborating with Specials Teachers (i.e., Library and Art) to provide further enrichment opportunities that support the students’ writing.

To encourage our student authors and provide parents with a unique
opportunity to celebrate their child’s success, the Third Grade Team is
planning a Red Carpet Day/Publishing Party. The Red Carpet Day/Publishing Party will begin in each classroom, where the students will present their nonfiction books to classmates and parents. In true Hollywood style, students will walk down the red carpet with their books & get their “paparazzi photo” taken with their published book.

Individual classroom celebrations will be followed by a grade level celebration in the library with students, parents, teachers, &
administrators. The grade level celebration will include an
assortment of treats and “swag bags” for each of our published
authors. Students and families will get the opportunity to socialize and
celebrate their hard work.

Following the Red Carpet Publishing Party, student books and artwork
will be on display in the library.

Requested Amount: $500.00